Unlimited Technology, Inc. was tasked by a private K-12 international school, located in the heart of New York City, to help them resolve a mysterious problem with disappearing video footage.


Every school administrator knows that reliable, dependable video footage is critically important to the safety of the students, teachers and administrators. School officials depend on video
footage to identify intruders and to resolve student incidents and accidents.

Twice within a two-year period, our client experienced a critical loss of video feed. The security staff were perplexed because they had evidence that the cameras were on and recording.


The school reached out to Unlimited Technology to help.

Unlimited Technology employed their exciting new product, Exero, to collect data on the health of various devices within the client’s security systems. Exero is an effective and efficient tool for monitoring the health of devices on client networks. Once baseline performance measures are established, Exero communicates changes above and below threshold behavior and can even dynamically re-establish baselines and thresholds.

Using Exero, Unlimited Technology quickly discovered that an operating system supporting the client’s security system was being overtaxed. In fact, it was perpetually operating at 70%-100% capacity. When the operating system reached 100%, it would stop functioning without providing any alerts or feedback. Upon further investigation, Unlimited Technology discovered that the specific source of the problem was a SQL database improperly stored on the root file system.

Exero helped Unlimited Technology quickly identify and resolve the client’s problem. In addition, the client has peace of mind that Exero will help them prevent such incidents from happening in the future.


By quickly identifying the issue with the root file system, Unlimited Technology was able to prevent a full system crash of 5 network video recorders (NVRs), which would have caused 175 cameras to fail all at once. Without Exero, the school might have suffered a catastrophic loss of data.

What is Exero?

Exero is a private cloud-based business intelligence tool that delivers data and insight from interconnected devices and other physical and networked environments through a user-friendly dashboard. Exero provides data regarding the activity as transmitted by security devices, data stores and other networked components within an organization. Exero overcomes challenges of gathering and comparing data from interconnected devices providing real time analysis and visualization.

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