The Hudson Yards area of NYC, located in Midtown Manhattan, is booming. Unlimited Technology, Inc., was selected as the telecom and converged network contractor by a world-renowned real estate developer and property manager to complete the core and shell work on their new 2.85 million square foot office tower. This project encompasses world-class architects and cutting-edge Technology.

Under the telecom contract, Unlimited Technology is installing over sixty-seven floors of conduit, fiber, and CAT 6 network cabling. Unlimited is tasked with all MDF and IDF room buildouts. This overall scope includes installing telecom racks, full-size cabinets, ladder tray, cable support, and completing all cable patching, labeling, and testing for both head end and field devices. A blown fiber system will be installed throughout the entire building, giving the end-user and their tenant’s ample room for expansion that will not only be cost-effective but also allows for future installation without interruption to existing cabling and network services already in place.

A unique aspect of this project is the installation of temporary WIFI and DAS systems in the early phases of construction. Unlimited Technology will be tying a dedicated network circuit into almost 150 strategically placed temporary WIFI units throughout the building’s core to provide the general contractor and building trades with internet access. This WIFI system ensures that during the 2+ year project, daily safety reports, updated drawings, loading dock requests, and all vital paperwork may be uploaded and downloaded directly in the field. The temporary DAS system will boost the signal of the major cell phone carriers throughout the high-rise building during the construction phase.

Unlimited Technology, Inc. will be installing and commissioning all Cisco core switches, access switches, and firewalls for the base building network. This Cisco network will provide connectivity and communication for the various building systems, including fire alarm, BMS, Security, lighting control, high voltage submetering, irrigation, and numerous A.V. components. Our engineering, Information Technology, and project management teams are driving the coordination between these various systems and trades. This coordination ensures a safeguard that they not only receive the proper cabling to their respective devices in the field but to ensure their networking requirements are met on the back end. Hence, all of their systems function correctly and securely during and after commissioning. Our range of experience on these various systems assists us in anticipating and understanding what the other contractors onsite will require. We will also be implementing a turnkey cyber protection system through our Exero product for the base building’s network and work with the end-user through the life of the building project, as well as for years to come after construction.

In addition to the engineering and drafting team, a dedicated BIM (Building Information Modeling) engineer is assigned full time on this project. The BIM engineer models all conduit, back boxes, and field devices being installed by UTI and coordinates with the general contractor and other trade engineers to pinpoint pathways, cabling needs, and handoff points. This detail-oriented work completed upfront gives the customer and installation team a great look at what the building will look like before completion. The primary benefit, however, is that this work saves countless hours in the field by avoiding conflicts that lead to time delays and change orders by numerous trades. This vital process keeps the job on time and budget.