Unlimited Technology, Inc. was selected by a large global entertainment company who was relocating their 600,000 sq ft global HQ in Manhattan NYC.


The biggest challenge was to eliminate the possibility of any down time. Unlimited Technology, Inc was tasked with providing video, access, mapping, and full integration with cyber & health analytics. The goal was to provide real time alerts to corporate decision makers. These alerts include DVR stop recordings, camera default passwords being detected, and any foreign device detected on the security network.


The Unlimited Technology team worked with the client’s design teams to develop and fine tune the latest technology and integration to their existing systems and sub systems. Both teams needed to coordinate with corporate IT services to develop, and adhere to, a strict project schedule. All teams worked together to ensure the projected completion date matched the scheduled time lines while staying on budget. Unlimited Technology enlisted the help of a local general contractor, consultant and various manufacturers, along with the client’s IT and Security departments in order to keep the existing Global Security Operations Center and all remote offices running smoothly and without interruption.


After construction was completed, the Unlimited Technology team installed Exero health and cyber software along with a multiyear service contract.