Gas detection is an essential part of protecting the people in your facility.

Carbon Monoxide Detection
Now required in sleeping areas and in many other parts of the building depending on local code. Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas caused by consumption that can lead to suffocation and death. Detecting elevated levels is through the use of Carbon Monoxide detectors. These detectors can be tied directly into the building's fire alarm system, or through the use of stand-alone detectors where a fire alarm is not required.

Poisonous and Explosive Gas Detection:
Similarly to the way Carbon Monoxide Detection Systems work, we offer other gas sensor types for a variety of gases. Areas where the storage of combustible gas is contained should have an explosive detection system. In addition, facilities that create or store toxic gases can use gas detection sensors with specific cartridges to detect the gas types that could be released in the facility.

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