Vulnerability Assessments (VA) and Penetration Tests are related but different. A vulnerability assessment checks for inherent weaknesses in IT system and a penetration test is designed to find and exploit weaknesses in not only the systems but also the processes. We offer a full set of services to meet our clients’ needs.

Vulnerability assessments can be performed once, periodically or continuously. They can also be performed with authorized access or without, based on the client’s interests. The goal of a VA is to understand where weaknesses are as an aid to developing controls. Subsequent follow up vulnerability assessments help measure success in shoring up weaknesses. Vulnerability assessments performed by Unlimited Technology include reports of findings that clients can address with their own staff or alternatively we can also provide remediation services.

Penetration Tests are typically performed once a year by our skilled professionals who will test systems, processes and practices to identify client data that can be compromised. Reports are provided regarding the exposed data, how exploits were performed, and recommended improvements in security to reduce attack surfaces.

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