Exero is an industry leading tool that collects and manages data from your internet-facing devices, regardless of the vendor/manufacturer of those devices.

  • Exero collects data rather than requiring the customer to upload data as competitors often do.
  • Exero is a Device-Agnostic monitoring platform in a field full of vendor specific tools.
  • Exero’s powerful and unique dashboard provides a single visual presentation of the use, behavior and health of all your devices and can be customized to your organization’s specific and evolving needs.

Exero improves operational efficiency. Our single dashboard for all devices means:

  • Effortlessly knowing exactly what is happening on your network at all times.
  • Streamlining compliance by knowing what devices need updates and patches
  • Being the first to know: robust alerts bring issues to your attention immediately

Exero is designed especially for decision-makers that are responsible for managing, analyzing and presenting data. Exero is the private cloud-based business intelligence tool that delivers real-time information from connected devices and systems that can easily be interpreted and acted on, enabling users to be in command of their physical and networked environments.

Created for anyone who needs data regarding the activity (as transmitted by security devices, data stores and other networked components) within their organization.

Created for decision makers who need to be deeply informed, including those who are responsible for auditing and compliance.

Exero overcomes challenges of gathering and comparing data from interconnected devices (such as systems integration, data silos, and security), providing real-time analysis and visualization. This provides greater insight into your business, allowing you to be proactive and in control.

Our goal is to put you in command of your world by providing you with insight that informs, Insight that empowers, automation that quantifies and provides answers real-time and knowledge that supports and enables compliance.